The Baby Deal

As the first mainstream women’s think tank we are committed to meeting women’s needs, from the boardroom to the bedroom. We are free of the dogma and jargon that have captured feminism. Instead, we use data to build a world that works for women. Our landmark YouGov poll found that three in five women (62%) feel politically homeless and this is particularly high amongst those who voted Labour in 2019 (77%). Women between 25 and 49 years old feel particularly strongly that politicians are not considering them – their votes are up for grabs.

We propose a new statutory right for mothers in the first 1001 days of their child’s life to request child-friendly work. This includes part-time, flexible and hybrid, or fully remote when possible, in companies with more than 10 employees. All working mothers, in their child’s first 1001 days, should have the automatic right to paid employment while meeting their needs and their child’s.

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